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Let’s be honest, no one goes camping without camping gear right?  Well maybe the elite survivalists but let’s leave those ventures to them for now.  Heck, I barely leave the house without my pocket knife. With good reason too. You just never know what kind of a situation you might find yourself in.  The more diverse and challenging the situation, the better equipped one must be.

Survival in hostile environments can be a challenging and near impossible task without the proper knowledge and tools.  Just ask any hunter, survivalist or member of military.  Being unprepared can often be the first and last mistake one makes.

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While useful tips like “always let someone know where you’re going” and “remember to always bring water” are plenty good advice, they are just that...advice. Unfortunately, advice is not always taken and we find ourselves in unforeseen situations.  Often times by the time panic sets in, you are already out of your depth and element.


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RockStarSurvival was created with single purpose of providing you with all the most effective tips, tricks, tactics and gear to survive any and all scenarios. The combined intel of seasoned professionals to boost your know how on all things survival. Paired with unique recommendations on loads of survival gear to help you along the way.

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